SUMO ‘Ozaki’ “Custom Built” Women’s / Ladies Carbon Road Bike – 48` – X – Small Frame: RRP : £3950 appx

SUMO ‘Ozaki’ “Custom Built” Women’s / Ladies Carbon Road Bike – 48` – X – Small Frame: RRP : £3950 appx


Product Description

SUMO ‘Ozaki’ :  Bellisimo Italian Flair from Taiwan!?

Great ‘Custom Built’ carbon road bike from Taiwan built by Italian brand Dedacciai.

Fabulous bike and superb value and ideal for any occasion. Top quality carbon mated to a super Campagnolo Centaur groupset and high end Easton carbon wheels. Easton finishing kit is matched to the Italian saddle and tyres.

A rare and extremely desirable women’s road bike that offers speed, comfort and incredibly good looks!

***** FOR SALE *****


SUMO ‘Ozaki’ “Custom Built” Women’s / Ladies Carbon Road Bike

Custom Built Carbon Frame

Carbon Fibre Forks

Frame Size: 48′   : Extra Small

Size Guide: 5’1 -5’4  (Approximate size – custom built frame)


This is a very good bike that offers exceptional value for money. It is currently our Flagship women’s bike and is certainly a super high-end bike.

The SUMO brand is from Taiwan and is a small custom built brand specialising in building carbon framesets. Most of their frames are made in-house or produced in Taiwan with the higher end frames made by Dedacciai.

Dedacciai, are based in Italy. Deda, how they are commercially known, are very well known for the production of parts, such as stems, bars and bar tape but in recent years Dedacciai now produce a whole range of their own frames.

Some of the frames that are manufactured/made by DEDA include De Rosa, Ribble, Glider and many boutique brands. They are now producing bikes for many of the top triathletes on the Pro Triathlon circuit and are currently supplying some of the GB Elite women.

This particular bike is made completely by Dedacciai, as are the forks, which are their Black Fin aero forks that normally retail for appx £190 on their own. The frameset is likely to cost in the region of £1750.

Very little is known about Sumo but the quality of their frames, in particular the ones that are made by Dedacciai that are second to none. Such is the quality from Dedacciai and because of the bikes’ size and lightness we have built it as a women’s bike and as such spec’d it with Italian Campagnolo components.

We have done this in part to match the Italian pedigree of the bike but more so to suit the ergonomics of smaller female hands. Over the years we have come to find that the Campagnolo’s smaller levers are more suited to women and thus eliminates unnecessary reach and stress on the hands. The bike is essentially much easier to control and ride.

We have given this bike a full custom build and used a combination of new and lightly used parts to complete the overall package.

We have spec’d the bike with a Full Campagnolo Centaur groupset. The groupset matches the overall quality of the bike that feature a carbon crankset, carbon levers as well as a carbon rear mech. We have then matched the components to the excellent quality Easton wheelset. The wheels not only look fabulous but add to the speed of the bike. The carbon-rimmed wheels roll incredibly quickly, complimented by the brand new Vittoria (colour co-ordinated) tyres.

The wheels, like the frame, would be very expensive to buy and we feel the combination of the parts compliments the high quality of the bike. (Wheelset: RRP – £1000 appx)

The bike is completed with brand new Easton bar tape and an extremely comfortable Fizik Vesta saddle.

The build has been built by our in-house Cytech 3 mechanic and as such features fresh cables, inners and outers throughout.

It has a super colour scheme that gives it huge kerb appeal and would make any new owner very happy. We have colour co-ordinated it throughout the build and as such it looks truly remarkable.

The spec is as follows;

‘Custom Build’

Dedacciai Custom Built Carbon frame
Dedacciai Black Fin Carbon Forks
Campgnolo Centaur chainset ( 50 / 34 )
Campagnolo Centaur 20 speed STI gearing
Campagnolo Centaur front mech
Campagnolo Centaur rear mech
Campagnolo Centaur dual pivot brakes
Easton EC70 SL factory carbon wheels
Easton EA 90 stem

Easton EA 70 handlebars
Easton EA 50 seatpost

** Brand new / Fizik Vesta women’s specific saddle
** Brand new / Vittoria Rubino Slick 23` race tyres
** Brand new / Easton Pro bar tape


This bike would be an excellent investment for someone looking for a great bike without paying a huge amount of money.

This is one of our nicest and rarest women’s ‘custom builds’ we have produced. We have spec’d this bike how a cyclist would choose to ride it. We are incredibly proud of the outcome and very pleased to offer such a unique and wonderful product.

If you are looking for something that extra special then this bike is for you.

BG Bikes Price: £1695

Retail Price: £3950 (appx value – newly built)

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