About us

Who we are

BG Bikes are one of the very few cycle shops in England that sell secondhand bikes. We primarily sell road bikes; some hybrids and rarely mountain bikes.

What is so unique about us is that we source bikes from all over Britain. They are rarely bought at auctions and are bought on their individual merit. They are sourced from cycling club members, contacts within the trade and sometimes from on-line auctions. We tend not to buy from eBay but do operate an eBay shop.

All of the bikes we buy in are then serviced and/or refurbished. Most, if not all, have new tyres, bar tape and saddles.

Everything you should know about us

In order for our bikes to stand out we often upgrade them. One particular area where we do this is with the wheels and often the tyres too. We try to make each bike we sell individual; we do this by colour co-ordinating and making the bike aethestically pleasing.

We pride ourselves on offering good quality secondhand bikes that often don’t appear secondhand at all. On hand is our superb Cytech 3 mechanic who not only works on the bikes but `signs off` each bike before it is put up for sale.

We have sold over 400 bikes since being in business and delivered them all over the country – as far The Scottish Highland, The Isle of Wight and The Isle of Man. We have even sold a bike to an Olympian; Jess De Boer of South Africa.

We also offer a bespoke bike build service. Prices start at £1,500.

Our Team


Gavin Vanner 'Big Gav'


Gavin is a fully qualified Cycle Guide and is a Ride Leader and Route Planner for British Cycling and the Sky Ride Programme. He is Vice Chairman of Cyclone Mountain Bike Club and Club Captain for Broughton Cycling Group and guides rides for both clubs.


Debbie 'Longlegs'

Support Crew

Debs is a keen cyclist but is more associated with triathlon. She is a seasoned triathlete and has competed in many Ironman distance events that include Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Debs is always on hand to advise on `the look` of the completed bikes! She is also an active member of Broughton Cycling Group and plays a key role as the Ride Leader Coordinator.


Richard 'The Ginger Prince'

Cycle Mechanic

Richard is the lead bicycle mechanic for bg bikes, he is trained to Cytech Level 3. His experience and expertise adds real value to each of the bikes we build or refurbish, ensuring a top quality bike.